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Over the years, blockchain technology has become a common term in the world of technology, thanks to cryptocurrencies. However, the applications of blockchain technology have gone beyond just cryptocurrencies with the rise of enterprise blockchain technology. With the diversification of technology, enterprise blockchains are now fundamentally changing the course of businesses and industries. They offer the same level of security and ease of use and are here to stay.

One of the up-and-coming vendors in this service is Unibright, an enterprise blockchain solutions developer from Germany. It is a software development company that drives automation and integration of blockchain technologies for businesses.

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Unibright is a unified framework enabling enterprise blockchain integration, tokenization and much more. It was founded by Marten Jung and Stefan Schmidt with a mission to drive real business by leveraging blockchain technology. The company aims to help businesses create their own blockchain-based solutions without the need to write a single line of code. They can then easily incorporate these solutions into their existing business processes in an affordable manner.

It comprises a team of blockchain specialists and professionals with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. They offer consulting services, low-code integration tools, programmable DeFi, and universal business token.

Why was 2020 a great year for Unibright?

Unibright is known for partnering with the industry’s leading companies in its short history, but it made great strides in 2020.

Back in December 2018, Unibright consulted with Deutsche Bahn AG, Europe’s largest railway operator, and infrastructure owner. In June 2019, Unibright collaborated with Zuhlke Engineering to develop an open-source blockchain project for raising awareness about CO2 emissions related to blockchains.

Unibright took the lead role in Ethereum Mainnet Integration for Enterprises (EMINENT) in January 2020. In February, the company partnered with Wasserkraft Mittelrhein, a local power utility, to bring smart contracts and blockchain technology to the “smart grid.” In March, Unibright was chosen by Microsoft, EY, and ConsenSys to play a major role in the development of Baseline Protocol.

Its current partners and clients include Microsoft Partner, Provide, SAP Partner, Lufthansa, DB Vertrieb, Digital Asset, Zuhlke Engineering, Anyblock Analytics, CONA Services, Fraunhofer IPK, Coinbase Custody. It is also engaged in consortia like baseline, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, INATBA, and Blockchain Bundesverband. All in all, Unibright possesses great potential for the future.

Unibright Enterprise Solution

Unibright offers enterprise-grade blockchain consulting. It is a one-stop solution for businesses to transform their processes and systems with blockchain technology. Unibright Solutions provides all the resources required for the same. They have a team of experts and are partnered with the industry’s top companies and resources. Unibright Solutions, with 20+ years of experience in technology consulting, can help you:

  • Find the perfect protocol for your use case.
  • Build custom blockchain protocols for your use case with its team of top blockchain developers in the world.
  • Integrate blockchain processes into your existing systems.
  • Monitor ongoing business processes, whether on or off the blockchain.
  • Improve existing processes in security, transparency, and efficiency.
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Unibright Token Model

Unibright Framework

Unibright is built around the Unibright Framework, which is the company’s blockchain-business integration platform for enterprise adoption. The framework offers fast and affordable blockchain-business integration solutions. It provides a set of templates containing business logic for major blockchains, making it easy for users to integrate blockchain into an existing business. They need to simply choose the template, and everything else gets automatically generated. It includes drag-and-drop functionality to design smart contracts and eliminates the need for writing code.

Unibright Contract Interface (UCI) is the central part of the Unibright ecosystem and connects all parts of the Unibright framework.

The Unibright Visual Workflow Designer allows users to craft powerful blockchain-based solutions and visually define adaptive business workflows. Workflows can be designed on the basis of high-level business objects, business case-specific templates, and smart connectors.

The Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager allows the transformation of visually designed workflows into platform-dependent code. It automatically generates smart contracts for the most appropriate blockchains.

The Unibright Explorer monitors existing smart contracts using automatically generated smart queries.

The Unibright Connector uses automatically configured smart adaptors to connect the existing IT landscape with different blockchains and smart contracts.

Baseline Protocol

It is an open-source initiative by EY, ConsenSys and Microsoft that combines advances in cryptography, messaging and blockchain for creating compelling enterprise blockchain solutions. It enables secure and private business processes at a low cost via public Ethereum Mainnet. Baseline Protocol is open-source under the OASIS foundation. It addresses the privacy, permission, and performance demands of enterprises using blockchain technology. It supports tokenization and DeFi and allows confidential and complex collaborations between enterprises.

Unibright plays a major role in the development of the Baseline Protocol. In June 2020, Unibright partnered with Provide Technologies to create the enterprise benchmark for a seamless experience of blockchain application development and lifecycle. The two companies combined their tools to create new enterprise blockchain integration standards through the Baseline Protocol Initiative.

Baseline Protocol Community - https://docs.baseline-protocol.org

Unibright Freequity

Launched in 2019, Unibright Freequity is a 360º solution for all tokenization-related services. Tokenization is the process of representing real-world assets using digital tokens on a blockchain in a secure manner. Freequity offers services in all stages of the tokenization process and their integration into markets and system landscapes.

 From tokenization to custodian services, Know Your Customers (KYC) regulation, big data analysis, and much more, Freequity includes everything. It offers tokenized security on blockchain platforms. Freequity places great importance on regulatory compliance. So, it includes a legal basis on which compliant smart contracts for tokenization are defined and implemented.

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Unibright Token (UBT)

The Universal Business Token or the Unibright Token (UBT) is the Utility Token required for all products and services on the Unibright Framework. It is a voucher to use the framework. The tokens can also be used to pay for Unibright workshops and consulting and development services.

Smart Contract Creation: Unibright tokens can be used to register all the smart contracts deployed on the platform. It is a mandatory process and will help users standardize the smart contracts throughout the Unibright platform.

Smart Contract Connection: These tokens are required every time a smart contract has to be connected to another contract via Unibright Connector.

Tokenization: The tokens are required for services, components, liquidity solutions, or workshops offered by Freequity.

Workshops: The tokens can be used to access consulting workshops that help users develop powerful blockchain use cases. 

Unibright’s current market cap is at €260,606,894. Unibright investors saw a coin rise by 23,923% since the all time high in 2019. Current circulating supply is at 150,000,000 out of 150,000,000. This indicates that all tokens are already released in the market, which can mean that its value shouldn’t be affected by the release of new coins. 

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