Pieter Hasekamp, the head of CPB: Netherlands must ban cryptocurrencies immediately

Pieter Hasekamp, the head of CPB which is a part of of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, wrote an article on the Dutch version of Finacial Times (Financieele Dagblad) where he bluntly critisized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and stated that it should be banned immediately.

The Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB – Centraal Planbureau) is a part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands. This institution is responsible for providing the economic analysis and forecasts for the Dutch government. 

This essay on Financieele Dagblad seems to be one of the most serious statements against crypto industry in the Netherlands. So far it is just a statement, but it is a serious indication of negative sentiment towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within upper circles of the Dutch establishment. Though the Dutch minister of finance Hoekstra has declined to ban cryptocurrencies in 2018. 

Interestingly, this statement comes just after Trump declared that Bitcoin is a threat to US dollar.  On the other hand, El Salvador also declared that Bitcoin is on the way to become a part of country’s official financial system. 

It seems that turbulent times are ahead for crypto industry. Expect unexpected? 

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